From the beginning of time we have been drilling holes in rocks to make smaller rocks for building materials.


With the downturn of the American economy from 2007 through 2011, Larmee Equipment & Supply, Inc. principals, Ray Larmee and John R. Hall, realized that there would not be an abundance of good used equipment becoming available to the construction marketplace.

Larmee’s principals started to research and look for a new hydraulic rock drill line of equipment that would fit the needs of their customer’s wishes – simple, reliable and cost effective drilling equipment that was easy to maintain and simple to repair, if downtime ever occurred.

Larmee Equipment & Supply, Inc. visited with some manufacturers in other countries, and eventually came across Junjin CSM in South Korea. It turned out they were using the components familiar to the rock drilling industry worldwide that had been the standard of the industry in America: Yamomoto drifter drills, Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressors, Cummins Diesel Engines, Bosh Rex Roth hydraulic components, as well as other components well known in the construction industry in the USA. All of these components were used in the past in a leading dominant brand which was being phased out by a competitive manufacturer. Junjin CSM was at this time building 5 different models and selling them worldwide.

Larmee Equipment & Supply, Inc. partnered up with Junjin CSM to bring JD-1400E model to the North American marketplace. The deciding factor being – common hole size from 3” to 5” diameter, thus the JD-1400E was chosen as the proper unit. Hence, Larmee Equipment & Supply, Inc. and Junjin CSM principals got together to make some changes to the JD-1400E to meet the demands and wishes of the North American customer. The Rock Commander line of drills was founded under a new partnership – Junjin America, LLC.

Our guiding principles are parts availability, cost effectiveness and simplicity. Many units are out working today in the quarry and on construction sites; with many of the original users buying multiple Rock Commanders.

Thanks to the economy upturn in 2017, the housing market and related infrastructure needs have displayed a dramatic increase. Many of these projects required a smaller, non-cab drill. To fill the rising need for new type of drill Junjin America LLC commissioned the new non-cab unit – JD-800ENC, which is the second unit that was brought to the North American market by Junjin America LLC. The new JD-800ENC Rock Commander can drill from 2 ½” to 4 ½ “ hole with a 20 ft. lead steel and 4 ft. boom extension. Some other optional components include standard mast, water mist system and rear winch.

Larmee Equipment & Supply, Louisville, KY has both Rock Commander units in their rental fleet as of the current date.

Junjin America LLC was formed to bring simple, productive and reliable rock drilling solutions to the North American market. Our goal is to give drillers and producers an opportunity to have a reliable product at a very low cost.